Has this ever happened to you?

You were already calculating the person’s payment as sales for the day and BAM they go, I will get back to YOU. (Heartbreak!!)

The truth is over 90% of the time when someone tells you they will get back to you, you know that transaction has entered voicemail because they never do. It is something in sales we call SALES OBJECTION – There are many underlying reasons but ‘I WILL GET BACK TO YOU’ is the easiest route out.

When a prospect pulls the I will get back to you card it can mean one of the following

1. Get lost you are wasting my time

2. I really do not have this money and I cannot tell the vendor this so let me use a lie to get out of this conversation

3. I really need to consider my options and make a decision

4. I need to get approval from my (boss, spouse, kids, parents etc)

5. They are your competitors or friends, partners and relatives of your competitors. They only need to know your price.

6. Or one of a million other things

So next time you hear it (because you will hear it again), here are 9 script options you can use.

1. SCARCITY – I hear you but do not take too long as we only have 3 pieces left and I guarantee you this is the best quality you will get out there. 

2. CLARITY– Is there a particular aspect of my presentation you need clarity on to aid decision? So I can shed some light on it

3. FOLLOW UP – I can understand why you need to think about it because it is a big decision to make. Several of my clients took a few days to come to a decision, is it okay to get your cell number to call you in 3 days to follow up on your decision?

4. PLAIN TRUTH – Is it that my product/proposal does not fit what you are looking for? I might be able to adjust it or provide an alternative if you let me know your exact need

5. SOCIAL PROOF – While you make up your mind, let me send you testimonials from our recent clients, they were initially hesitant but …… now they cannot stop talking about us

6. PULL A JOKE – Customer customer are you saying this because you do not want to buy and you think saying no will break my heart?

7. NOW OR NEVER – I am excited you want to think about it, I am willing to throw in a 15% discount if you buy within the next 24 hours. This offer will not be available after now. If you ask me it is a good deal. Should i send account details?

8. SELL VALUE AGAIN with ASSUMPTION – Here you assume the price is the issue so you can re-iterate the value. This product is $370 because it does a,b,c,d and e. Infact it has a 12 months warranty and if you buy products of less price, the guaranty that it will last beyond 4 months is the Grace of God…

9. CHALLENGE THEM – If price is the issue, what are you willing to pay? I can recommend alternatives or see if we can work with your price, i really want to do business with you and know you will enjoy your purchase and even bring more customers or clients. 

All the best with selling!!!!! 

From triciabiz

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