Branding is the process of creating a strong & positive perception of your organization and its products in customers minds. It is also the process of giving a specific meaning to an organization and its products, this helps people to quickly identify your brand. 

The objective of branding is to attract and retain loyal customers and stakeholders by creating products that always align with your brand. Branding can be achieved through some of the following: brand definition, brand identity, product packaging and design and advertising & communications. 

Types of branding

Here are 5 types of branding that you need to know about:

Personal branding 

As the name suggests this type of branding is associated with a person. This works best for solopreneurs or someone that’s self employed. With this type of branding, you have to build a public persona that accurately communicates your personality.

Personal branding usually happens on social media and this is because on social media, people’s perception of you can have a massive impact on your reputation and that can in turn affect sales for your brand. 

An example of personal branding

Personal branding can be done the right way by cultivating a public persona that directs people who see you to assign specific traits and values to your character. 

Product branding 

This is the process of branding a specific product. This involves choosing deliberate aesthetic choices for your product. The goal with this is to connect the right audience to your product.

For example if you own a luxury brand, there’s a specific type of customer that you are looking for, by having thoughtful product branding, you can make sure that these customers hear about your brand, visit your website and buy your products. You can create awareness about your brand through branding that communicates these values. 

Product branding done for one of our clients.

Cultural and geographic branding 

Cultural and geographic branding are separate types of branding but they are very similar. 

Geographic branding is branding that’s for cities, states and countries. Cultural branding on the other hand focuses on the cultural aspects of a region. Tourism businesses can benefit the most from this type of branding . 

Corporate branding 

This is how a company expresses its personality. It is a series of design choices and actions that communicate key points about the brand like its values, mission and ideal consumer.

Corporate branding is more than just website design, it includes the company conduct as well, like partnering with specific brands and also how they respond to current issues. 

Corporate branding also has brand guidelines to ensure that employees and employers are on the same page.

Corporate branding done for one of our clients

Online branding 

This is branding that happens online and it’s how an individual or company positions themselves online, it is quite broad and refers to all types of branding that happens on the internet.

It includes all the online ads, posts, website design, landing pages, newsletters, etc. 

As a business if online branding is a part of your brand strategy the key to getting it right is to make sure that it fits into your wider brand identity seamlessly. 

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An example of online branding


Now that we have discussed the different types of branding, it is important that as a business you pick the one that best applies to your brand according to your needs and requirements. 

Also make sure that your brand maintains the same image both online and offline.