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Xplicitmode Media is a professional Web design company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We build eye catchy websites to fit your goals and grow your business, from mobile responsive websites, blogs and ecommerce we got you.
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In 7-14 working days your web design is ready for review. After which we go live to test it.


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We guarantee that you’ll get a great website design no matter what your budget is. Our higher-priced packages offer more experienced developers and more hands-on support.

We believe in creating best looking websites.

Your website is always working for you. We work with businesses from around the world to help them get their web design right because we know it is the first impression of your business to your potential and existing clients.


Most frequent questions and answers

As much information regarding your business as possible (Logo, company profile, contact details etc.)

Going with a free or cheap service provider to build your website isn’t wrong. As a matter of fact, going this route is better than not having a website at all in our opinion. However, if you’re looking to build a website to actually help your business grow, then going through the proper planning, design and development process to create an effective website is 100% necessary. Your website is your first, and sometimes your only, impression as well. Make sure that it makes the best possible imprint by having a professional team like ours build it correctly from the start

Your website is the first impression that prospective customers get about your business online. If you have an effective website that isn’t user friendly, then there is a very good chance that prospective business will move on to a competitor that has put the proper time and care into their website.

The website design takes 15 working days after collection of all information after which an additional 5 working days is provided to you for review and feedback.


As more and more people rely on the worldwide web for resources on almost everything, having a strong online market presence can help business owners significantly improve their performance. Therefore, a quality website should be one of the business strategies for success. 


You will have full access to your website because it comes in with a functional cpanel and database which enables you control the site from the backend

We integrate paystack free for e-commerce sites. We however charge a flat integration fee of  ₦50,000 for otherpayment gateways i.e. Webpay, GTPay, SimplePay, VoguePay etc. While SimplePay, VoguePay and Cashenvoy allows you open an account for free, Webpay charges  ₦150,000 and GTpay charges  ₦80,000 .


The project starts with a 80% deposit.

We will send you a short  detailed manual on how to edit different assets on the website plus it comes with a content management system, this helps you to manage the website easily going forward


Our customers with Ecommerce stores will need to have a price list of their products, product images and product description to enable us  enter product data into the content management system.



Select from any of these packages provided , and lets go! We look forward to learning more about you, your organization, and how we can help you achieve even greater success.