A logo is a design or symbol that is used to identify an organization or a company. A logo is very essential for distinguishing your brand from others and since it is the first thing that your customers will see it has to be an accurate representation of your brand. Not a lot of people know this but there are different types of logos and in this article we’re going to be discussing the seven types of logo design, this will help you to pick the perfect type of logo for your brand. 

Seven types of logo design 

  1. Monogram logo
  2. Wordmarks logo 
  3. Pictorial marks 
  4. Abstract logo marks 
  5. Mascots
  6. Combination marks 
  7. The emblem 

Monogram logos are made up of only letters, usually the brand’s initials. This is also called letter mark type of logo and it is often used by brands that have long names that are turned into acronyms making them easier to remember. For example it is so much easier to say NNPC than to say Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. For this type of logo it is very important that you use a font that is easy to read and on brand with what your business does.

This is similar to a monogram logo but the difference is that rather than initials this consist of the business name only. This works very well when the company has a distinct and memorable name,  it’s also a very good logo type to use if your company is new and you want to get your name out there. For this also make sure that an easy to read font is used.

This is a graphic based logo or an icon, it is the image that comes to mind whenever you think of a particular brand . They are straightforward and easy to remember I.e the apple logo, the twitter logo. This logo can be a bit tricky especially for new companies or companies without a strong brand presence.The biggest issue when choosing this type of logo is determining what kind of picture you want to use because this is something that will stick with your brand for as long as it exists.

This is a creative interpretation of a brand’s identity. They use abstract symbols as a metaphor. The advantage of an abstract logo is that rather than restricting you to just use a picture or an acronym you have the freedom to create something that is creative and communicates what your company does. 

These are logos that use an illustrated character. Mascots are very good in giving your brand a personality. If your company is one that appeals to families and children then you should really consider using a mascot as your logo. A mascot is also a great fit social media marketing. 

Like the name says combination logos are made up of a letter mark and a pictorial mark , abstract mark  or a mascot. The picture and text can be side by side, stacked together or unified together in some way to create an image. This logo is very versatile and it’s a great way to work together both text and an icon. It is also easier to trade mark this than a picture alone.

This type of logo is made up of a font inside of a symbol or an icon. They are usually used for bages, seals and crests, they’re the go to choice for governments  organizations and schools because of how traditional they look. They’re not as versatile as the other logos mentioned. When using an emblem you still want a design that will be easy to print out across all of your marketing materials so don’t go overboard with the design. 


There are a lot of options for logo design and choosing the right logo for your brand is of utmost importance. To help you choose the right logo think about your brand identity, tone and your target audience. At the end, the most important thing about your logo is that it should be memorable. If you’re looking for professional designers that will make the perfect logo for your brand schedule a call with us /