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August 3, 2023

GoVirtual Africa

Govirtual Africa is a leading technology-driven company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for diverse industries, including Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and more.

With a strong focus on digital skilling, the company strives to bridge the digital skill gap in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, through its two core initiatives – SkillUp Bootcamp and Women Techies Africa.


We were tasked with redesigning GoVirtual Africa's website to improve its visual appeal, user interface, and overall functionality. The objectives were to create a modern design, enhance user experience, and make it easier for clients to access event information and register for virtual events. The project aimed to elevate GoVirtual Africa's online presence, ensuring they remain competitive in the African virtual event industry.

  • Strategy

    UI/UX Design, Website Development

  • Client

    GoVirtual Africa

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