There is a sense of rush and excitement upon entering the fourth quarter (Q4) of every year. It is the last reign of the ember period hence tagged as the most profitable season for businesses. For instance, event planners, caterers, wedding MCs, fashion houses, etc all make the best out of this season. It is like what the Marvin artist Ayra Starr said, “E dey rush”. But what if there are no plans to optimize this? Wouldn’t you be running a race on a lost track course? What if you do not have a marketing goal, what celebratory move would you give?

A marketing goal is a specific and measurable objective that helps you meet your broader business goals. It can be anything from generating high-quality leads and raising brand awareness to increasing customer value and improving your referral rate.

The truth is, Q4 often avails businesses the opportunities to hit their marketing goals with the least amount of stress. Why? It is because many people read their budgets, which determines their needs for the forthcoming year. This is as a result of analyzing their customer acquisition space at the same time to prepare for Holiday shopping.

A major variable in planning for the future is securing a sound understanding of where you began. Analyzing how Q1-Q3 stacked up against each other can help your team determine realistic goals for Q4. The goal for businesses this year is to reap the benefits of customer initiative and client satisfaction.

Below are four ways to set a marketing goal for your business:

  • Begin planning
  • Create a workable content marketing strategy
  • Have a plan B
  • Get your team on board

  • Begin Planning

We’re often told, “If you fail to plan, then, you’ve already planned to fail”. Planning for your business can never go out of style and place. It is the first bedrock (foundation) upon which your business is built. There are businesses today who failed to plan, leaving them going into a brick wall and out of market.

In planning a Q4 marketing goal, it is important to note that holidays, promotions, budgets and diversified channels are in the lead, so all these should influence your planning. For instance, think out how your business can be hitched to creating a workable solution for your clients this holiday season. Think of a promotional strategy that can meet your customer’s budget and what diversified means to which you can meet your customers.

Your customers and team’s enthusiasm should be a fuel to your planning. You basically would spend less to gain more.

  • Create a Workable Content Marketing Strategy

A workable content marketing strategy is key and required in your Q4 plan. This involves the creation of a content calendar that can be achieved through you and your team.

It is not rocket science but rather, a blend of excellence, results and tasteful work-done to establish an internet presence through online channels such as organic search, social media, paid ads and other web-based mediums like your website; this can also be employed offline to reach out to persons not so convercent with social media.

This is ideal when it comes time for last-minute inventory issues, customer acquisitions and simply focusing on other more demanding areas of your business in November and December.

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  • Have a Plan B

If Plan A doesn’t work, what next? Kindly have a Plan B. A second option to your previous plan is a diversification which includes more channels towards marking your business during the closing weeks of the year. This in turn produces better results.

The more channels you use to market your business during the final weeks of the year, the better the results.

If you do not have a Brick-and-Mortar to take part in in-person promotions, there are numerous ways to get creative.

You can also hold live events by renting a space or by taking part in a holiday festival through partnerships. Having interactions like these can boost the possibility of online testimonials and ignite new business.

Maybe try holding a live event via social media in the comfort of your own office. For example a giveaway offer on Instagram, a twitter space, or Facebook live. Not only will this boost your social interaction but you can also show off the employees behind the screen.

  • Get Your Team on Board

Having your team on board during the Q4 period brings what is known as “last-minute staff acceleration and ambition”. At this point, there is somewhat a sugar rush which can be utilized during the critical Q4 planning. There can be conversations around creative campaigns, ideas, and new channels beyond day-to-day operations.

The ways towards achieving these can be through;

  • Staff appreciation week/month.Set up contests to hit certain goals.
  • Offer a collaboration meeting or suggestion box.
  • Offer an opportunity to learn; LinkedIn Learning, workshops, online forums, and podcast sessions.
  • Encourage extra social presence from the team about the business.

Bottom Line

It is important to know that Q4 is here for you. Ember is a season to have the bread off the already heated oven. You can also have giveaways for your clients who have been patriotic all year long. This would boost your client relationship in 2023.

You should note that, there are a lot towards getting your plans in shape and if it seems overly overwhelming, you can contact Xplicit Mode today to help you with your digital marketing plans today.