You might come across these with certain questions in mind. These questions may seek clarity in regards to why the diversification to what Xplicit Mode is about, but the truth is, as a community, we take pride in creating simple solutions that accelerate business growth and the topic of discussion today is also a form of business; and our intentions are to see a community of young artists grow, creating giant strides utilizing music business.

Music business has been a thriving venture and despite the fact that it has raised billionaires in the past years, many are still exploited, especially local up and coming artists. I had a conversation recently with a few artists and I had realized that many had only concerns about creating just music (that is, the hits and club bangers that temporarily stay for a few weeks) and although it is good, there are a few extras needed for these artists.

Prior to the proliferation of Spotify and other streaming platforms in Nigeria, local Nigerian artists had used mainly the platforms of SoundCloud and the free accessible download websites, which never gave a form of monetization. Although there has been growth seeing the widespread of these streaming platforms which has provided a form of income generation for some artists, a lot of local artists are still in dire need of the following;

  • A high converting website
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing plan
  • A High Converting Website

The gospel of a high converting website is one that we’d continually preach as it is very important in the 21st century digital workplace. For a local artist who is gaining ground, a website should be priority on your scale of preference as it is key to your growth, development, visibility and social activity for you as a brand and an artist.

Also, for local artists with a website, this gives sole proprietorship to certain contents such as ticketing for events, photo gallery, blog posts, music folders and stores to house your merchandise.

  • Branding

As earlier stated in our previous blog post, branding is essential to individuals growth. It is a process of creating a strong, positive perception of an individual, in this case is the local Nigerian artist.

As earlier highlighted, branding offers an array of types and these types of branding gives an outspoken view to the world about you, your art, authenticity and value.

Most local artists are unbranded and this is a huge course of concern, as it has devalued them in the eyes of the audience.

  • Digital Marketing Plan

Oftentimes, local artists lack a marketing plan for their music distribution and social media engagement. This is a down turn towards gaining their targeted audience.

A good digital marketing plan is necessary for a local artist, in growing and expanding the fan base, exposure to new grounds and also, it enables you to better understand your market share.


In closing, every local artist deserves these three things as a good way to break more grounds into an international scene.

This gives a more intentional feel towards music and also, a defined purpose to what art is about. As Jay Z would say, “There isn’t a presumption to being an artist, it is always knowing and knowledge that is a guide to being an artist”.

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