The Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is a great marketing approach that helps in building trust, generating leads and also increasing sales. It basically has to do with the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to a specific audience based on their needs.

As great as content marketing is, a lot of people still make mistakes in their content marketing strategies.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes.

1. Not defining your target audience

One of the biggest mistakes made in content marketing is not defining your audience. If you want your content marketing to be very effective, you need to define your audience (this cannot be overemphasized). Know who your target audiences are and create content for them. Your content should attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

When you have identified who your target audiences are the content you’re producing is valuable to them and they will begin to see you as a thought leader in your specific field.

2. Creating irrelevant content

This goes hand-in-hand with knowing who your target audiences are. It is not everything you see trending that you should create content for. Ask yourself if the event is relevant to your target audience if it is you can go ahead, but if it is not, don’t bother.

According to Neil Patel, the goal with evergreen/relevant content is to create something that will still be relevant and still drive traffic in five years.

3. Not reviewing performance

A lot of people don’t track their content marketing performance, which isn’t really good because you won’t be able to identify what content strategy works best for you and which one doesn’t. If a strategy is performing better than expected, you can double down on that specific tactic.

4. Producing “salesy” content all the time

Be careful about being too “salesy”, especially if you want to grow your following. As much as you want to make sales, it is also important that you create content that is engaging, interesting and meaningful to your audience. First, build trust, then making sales will come easy.


I believe you’ve spotted a mistake you’ve been making in your content marketing, it’s great you know and now is the time to make adjustments.

A quick recap, the 4 biggest content marketing strategies mentioned were:

  • Not defining your target audience
  • Creating irrelevant content
  • Not reviewing performance
  • Producing “salesy” content all the time

I hope you found this article very useful!

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